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Finally, a CRM solution that’s both affordable and easy-to-use. With the OCOA Sales Cloud, Sales and Marketing can work together seamlessly and ensure that no stone is left unturned. 

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Better Qualified Leads

Not all leads are created equal. With greater insight and nurturing capabilities, focus on moving the best leads to a sales-ready status.

Improved Pipeline Management

When your Sales and Marketing teams have more intelligence at their fingertips, they can do more with less effort.

Closed Deals

Track all lead and customer interactions in one place for greater efficiency. More efficiency means more time to close more deals.

Lead and Contact Management

Sales Intelligence

More Sales Intelligence

With the OCOA Sales Cloud helping your team sell proactively, you’ll know what interactions you have with your Leads and Contacts and what content they need next to move through the funnel.

OCOA Interface
Lead Management

Lead Management
Made Easy

Track the right information about your leads - the information that matters to moving them through the funnel. With OCOA Cloud integration, easily know what marketing campaign or sales activity they came from, what next steps are and who owns them, and what it will take to get them sales qualified.

Lead Management
Capture More

Capture More Leads from your Website

With OCOA Cloud integration, it’s easier than ever to drive more leads. Easily publish intelligent forms and landing pages to seamlessly pull visitor data - and more leads - from your website directly into Sales Cloud.

Mobile Mockups
Customer Contact

Know Every Customer Contact

OCOA Sales Cloud offers you everything you need to easily record every detail about your contacts and companies. You can even customize your views with custom fields and filtering - so you find just what you’re looking for when you need it most.

Customer Contact

Solution that you've been looking for

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Better Insight

Better Insight

Stay on track of every deal in your pipeline. Forecast steps within the sales process, right up to close. With shared access to all the details on your team’s deals, you’ll close more business on time - as forecasted - and be able to dedicate more of your focus where it counts.

Better Insight

Focus on What's Important

OCOA Sales Cloud helps you sell smarter and juggle between sales activities with better organization for your every day follow-up on sales tasks, appointments and calls. Prioritize your work while interacting with leads, customers, and prospects.

More Effective

A More Effective Sales Process

OCOA Sales Cloud lets you make your own sales process rules. Based on your own unique needs and business requirements, you can simplify and streamline your sales processes so they work for you. You can even automatically assign leads and customers to the sales rep best able to handle them.

Sales Dashboard
Team Approach

Drive a Team Approach

Organize your sales team hierarchy in a way that works for your business. Region, vertical, product - OCOA Sales Cloud gives you the flexibility customize to your needs. Auto assign leads based on form complete data and team hierarchy for a seamless lead generation process.

Team Approach


Real-Time Data

Real-Time Data

Stay on top of all your sales-related data with OCOA’s configurable dashboards. Get timely information on team activity and opportunity status. See what tasks are coming due and which have already passed. Provide pipeline visibility to executive management so they have quick, high-level insight into the health of the business.


Finally, A Dashboard That Makes Sense

OCOA Sales Cloud provides a real-time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics. Easily visualize your team’s success with in-depth insight into lead generation and sales opportunities all in one place.

Dashboard Icon
Build Reports

Build Reports without I.T.

Your team will benefit from the easy-to-build and customize reports features in OCOA Sales Cloud. Simply drag and drop the fields, filters, and charts that you want, and get an immediate real-time view of your business.

Build Reports
Make Decisions

Make Decisions On The Go

Stay connected and up-to-date even when you’re on the road - especially when you’re on the road! With a fully responsive interface, OCOA Sales Cloud works on every device and every screen size. You’ll never be out of touch with your sales team.

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These are just some of the features of OCOA Sales Cloud.

Cloud Icon

OCOA Cloud Integration

Get Marketing and Sales working together with integration across the platform.

Manage Leads, Contacts & Opportunities Icon

Manage Leads, Contacts & Opportunities

Sell proactively with intelligence around all of your Leads and Opportunities.

Data Transfer Icon

Real-time Data

Timely information on Team activity lets you know who's working and who's closing.

Fully Responsive Interface Icon

Fully Responsive Interface

Mobile optimization puts intelligence at your fingertips even when you're on the go.

Custom Apps Icon

Custom App Capabilities

Easily develop customized functionality unique to your sales organization.

Amazing Sales Dashboard Icon

Amazing Sales Dashboard

Finally, a sales dashboard that's both easy to understand and super customizable.


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